// Flatter tummy with NO crunches, NO gym, NO EXCUSES!

Don't waste another minute with countless sit ups!

Hi everyone,
I know you are reading and you're wondering, how is this true? Can you really get a flatter tummy without the infamous crunch.....WELL I am living proof that you can, because I did it and do it everyday!

Don't blame your genes for your unflattering tummy, blame your approach! So without waiting another minute here are MY ways to a flatter tummy.

I'm not going to bore you with a 10 page blog, I'm going to make this quick and easy just like it is the get the abs you are after.

  • GET a move on!
  • Stop stressing 
  • Increase your low fat protein intake
  • Work those core muscles 

Firstly, sitting on the bum or in this case laying on the abs you've got, will not give you the ones you are after. Stop focusing on the fact that you don't have the abs you want and focus on getting what you want, that way you will be inclined to train knowing that it's going to get you to your goal. If you're standing there sulking about what you don't have you become ungrateful to the fact that you are fit and healthy to do something about it. When you stress too much, most of us reach for the most fattening foods and in turn sabotage our abs... so more work and less stressing. Increasing your NATURAL protein intake and by this I mean lean meats (if you're not Pescetarian like me), nuts, fish and diary. Reducing all those high fat, full of sugar, processed carbohydrates from you diet/eating plan can have a HUGE impact on your mid section! OK so we want those awesome abs, well soldier, there is no secret we are going to have to work for them BUT yes as I said without crunches......

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