Total F.A.B Transformation

Total F.A.B Program

This is a six-month TOTAL Transformation program. Here we look at and improve every area of your life. From relationships, joy, creativity, nutrition, lifestyle, spirituality, career, stress management, personal development, physical activity, mental health, social life and more!

This is where BIG everlasting TOTAL MIND, BODY and SOUL transformations happen. This is where you discover who YOU really are, and unlock your full potential. Where you dig deep and become FAB. Where you truly learn how to Feel, Act and Become the person you are meant to be, living the life you WANT to live.

This program is for you if:

  1. You feel like it's time for a complete over haul of your body, mind and/or soul
  2. You're stuck and searching for answers or guidance
  3. You want to be happy, empowered, motivated and inspired
  4. You are looking for balance, passion and joy.
  5. You are prepared to look deeper at your health, nutrition, lifestyle, relationships, spiritually, career and much more to gain a deeper sense of understanding so that I can assist with clearing and removal of negative blockages.
  6. You believe that you do have the power to change and take control of your life but your lacking the will to do so.
  7. You are ready to face your fears, find out what has been holding you back and are excited about becoming FABULOUS!

This FAB Program includes:

  • X10 personal sessions with me over the 6 month period (sessions are every fortnight either via phone, Skype or face to face)
  • Follow up emails after every session so that you can keep track
  • X1 Wrap up session (30 min) to review and reflect on your total transformation program.
  • X1 20 minute check in program  8 weeks after the end of your program to re-inspire and re-motivate you and make sure you are still enjoying life to the max 24/7
  • Unlimited email access and support between sessions
  • My personal recipes (food ideas if relevant to your program)
  • Homework and assignments after each session to keep you focused
  • Consistent mentoring and guidance along the way
  • BONUS X2 Angel card readings (VALUED AT $200)
  • BONUS x2 Board readings (VALUED AT $120)
  • Gifts and my personal handouts and recommendations along the way, rewarding you for your work ;)

This program asks that you invest not only money but quality time and love into it and in return it will shift and change you. YOU WILL NO LONGER JUST LIVE !. YOU WILL BE FAB = FEEL, ACT and BECOME the person you are meant to be living the life you want to life.

Investment on your dream:

Option 1

UPFRONT $1500 for the 6 months (works out to be $250/month = $125 per session) You SAVE $600 when you pay upfront PLUS $320 worth of readings FREE

OR option 2

Monthly installment payments of $350 = $175/session (to be paid at the start of every month working together) for 6 months. You also receive $320 worth of readings FREE

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