Loving testimonials from past clients 

Kristina Miller - "Adele has become my spiritual mentor. She speaks so clearly and with conviction. You see the concentration and energy on her face and her full intention is focused on you and the reading she is giving. She is gentle with her advice and motivating by sharing her own personal stories and experiences."


"I think you are such a positive person and I really love seeing you embrace each and every day with a smile." - Megan Fulko


"Adele has been coaching me for nearly a year now and my quality of life has improved 100%. The Knowledge that has been passed onto me through my sessions with Adele has been life changing and I will carry it with me for the rest of my life." - Shani Hottes

"I cant say thank you enough for all of your guidance and support that you have shown me. Thanks" -  Brendon Wiles-Pickard

Jennifer Fair - "Adele has a beautiful wisdom & I love her action attitude- taking action towards your wishes & dreams is so important in the creation of desires!"
"Adele has helped me so much through a difficult time in my life. She has given me much needed guidance and support and I couldnt recommend her and this page highly enough, absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much xx" - Amanda Gill


Kyrene Cabena - "Adele is fantastic. I had a reading with her, so many things fell into place and made sense. I now know that it's ok to trust in the Universe- Adele helped me to clarify things in my current life, and helped out me back on the right path! I definitely will be referring friends to this page and to get in contact with Adele. Thanks again!"


“I feel a lot more confident about my journey now and things seem a lot clearly after my reading and chat I had with Adele. I can't wait to head where I am heading and I know that I have her to guide and support me if I need her too! Such a motivational woman!” Megan Davies

"I met Adele briefly once, but it wasn't until our paths crossed again a year later that she went out of her way and approached me at an event we had both attended to ask me what was wrong. I barely knew her, yet it was like she knew everything about me purely by observation.I was going through a very dark time, and she sensed it from a mile away. An incredibly intelligent and life changing woman." -  Phoebe Williamson

I had the privilege of meeting Adele a few years ago. From the word go, I felt her energy and noticed there was more then what the eyes saw. I saw a strong, passionate, dedicated woman wanting to change people's lives and add a little of light into their paths. Later on, I was taken on a journey of self-discovery, self-worth, belief, honesty and discovered the meaning of gratitude. Whilst there are many books, practitioners and material to focus on the meaning of self-abundance, no one is able to ignite the fire like Adele does. There is something about this woman that words can't describe, you can only really experience her aura by connecting with her. - Jack le Feuvre

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