These programs aim to find the F.A.B in you!

Firstly, congratulations on taking this first  and most important step to creating a better life, full of joy, good health, wealth and success.

If you are not living the life you desire, the one you know you can have and so rightfully deserve, then our meeting on here, right now,  is by  no means any accident. You are meant to be right where you are - this is your path and I am here to show you how to make peace with it. 

I will not only work with you one one one, creating the life you are after BUT making sure the mind and soul, which actually drives the body, is well conditioned for the challenge making you more focused and determined than you have ever been, creating fast lifetime results!

This is done through the SOUL with LOVE and PASSION. My programs have been successfully healing both men and women all around the world for years from:

  • past emotions that no longer serve them
  • addictions to food, drugs, smoking and alcohol
  • anger and pain management
  • weight issues, poor diet and eating disorders
  • fears of moving forward
  • insecurities and lack of direction
  • general unhappiness
  • toxic relationships
  • self- doubt
  • exhaustion
  • paralysing debt 

and much more and are now available to you!

If you said yes to any one or more of these issues or feelings, the good news is that I am happy, excited and confident that I can assist you in making them a thing of your past. 

I work solely on bio-individuality, the principle that one man's food is another man's poison. I get to the root of the problem on a personal level so that you can enjoy total freedom, financial bliss and an abundant life worth living. We work closely with your goals to help find the happier, healthier, FABULOUS you with real lifetime results!


As I mentioned before, everyone is different and I want you to keep in mind that every program I offer is specifically tailored to you and your goals. 


This is a six-month TOTAL Transformation program. Here we look at and improve every area of your life. From relationships, joy, creativity, nutrition, lifestyle, spirituality, career, stress management, personal development, physical activity, mental health, social life and more! Learn More >>

2.  HAPPY HOUR- Coaching session with BONUS Card Reading 

These power coaching sessions are 60mins long and include a FREE angel card reading. The wisdom cards will give us an insight as to what is going on right now and where you are headed. I will then give you my most successful breakthrough strategies in order to get you where you want to go.Instant happiness guaranteed.... Learn More >>

3. AWAKEN THE POWER- FULL hour of personal coaching including Oracle Card Reading with BONUS Board Reading 

I am a Certified Angel Card reader as well as an Intuitive Health Coach and have successfully been performing this loving act of divine connection between realms for the last 13 years. By conducting an over the phone, Skype or in person reading with me you get a much deeper insight as to what is currently going on...Learn More >>

4. PHYSICALLY F.A.B - Shift and remove negative energies and blockages 

This program can only be done face to face. It involves a complete shift and rebalancing and/or reactivating the chakras within the body with the use of crystals and or Reiki therapies. The recommended amount of sessions for this program is a minimum of 3 Complete Package* Learn More >>

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