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“No matter where you have come from, no matter what has hurt you, no matter what’s going wrong right now, you have the power to be FAB everyday!”

Hi there, I’m Adele and this is my FAB story.

Looking back at my life, to say that I have lived a pretty fabulous life would be a huge understatement.  I was born and raised in the Caribbean but in 1999 when I was crowned Miss Caribbean, I was to honour a bet I made with an Australian guy … I was off to Australia, for what was supposed to be a 3month holiday. I not only visited Australia but it became my home. I became a citizen where I was to live and work for the next 15 years with some pretty amazing people and some of the world’s best mentors, making some of my best memories. I was supposed to be a neurosurgeon, but life, hmmmm it had a very different path for me. 

Life was pretty smooth and chilled living in the Caribbean but that was soon to change over the coming years. I was to go through some of life's craziest twists and turns, none of which I could see coming. OH I have been there. I suffered from anxiety & depression. Not one but 2 failed marriages by the time I was 30. I was completely broke and buried in debt on many occasions. I was lost and alone with no family in an unfamiliar country. Just about everything suffered at some point in my life. Even my body reflected this in my constant fluctuation in weight and unhealthy habits and relationships with food, smoking, drinking and living the party life. With all the mental, physical and emotional battles I ended up as an exotic dancer for a few years all in aid of trying to fill the voids, pay my bills, numb the pain, fit in, and seek the approval from others. 

Now while all this may sound like doom and gloom it was in my darkest days that I would shine the brightest. I realized that I was the one who was creating all the “bad” in my life and that if I manifested the bad then surely I could manifest the good. This took years to master. I read countless books, took every course I thought would help. I attended endless seminars and in the end I realized I was right back where I started and even though I now had a world of awesome information, I had to do the work …. NO ONE could do it for me, I needed to step up to the plate and kick life in the butt!

I remember stumbling across my first deck of angel cards, some 13 years ago now, and I can still remember there was an instant connection from within.  Fast forward to today and these cards are still with me and an integral part of my story and success to date. 

It is safe to say that I mastered the act of listening, feeling and surrendering in order for me to find and make peace with my path. Once I learned how to channel my internal energy systems and to connect with the divine consciousness I was able to heal myself from not only severe anxiety – anxiety that used to paralyze me to the point of being too scared to leave the house, but from the horrible self sabotaging ways I led my life. I discovered how to have healthy relationships with food, family, friends, money, partners and most importantly MY SELF! 

This journey from my head to my heart, the crazy fabulous life I lived, taught and gave me so much, it was the building block to my successful breakthrough strategies which I have been using with my coaching clients for years. See I was taught how to manifest anything I wanted and while that worked for some things it just didn’t for others. I eventually worked out the missing link, the link I now share with the world through my programs. The link that sees us all manifesting things that are for us, our individual greatest good. I am so happy to be able to help others fast track their successes through my F.A.B programs. It’s so exciting to see others take ownership of their lives and step forward with confidence, trusting, knowing and believing that the Universe has their back. This is what happiness, great health, abundance and a fabulous life feels like…. I know this because I live it!

NOW lifted from the covers of turmoil, I understand why I had to go through all that I did. It was all in aid of me ACTUALLY being able to come from a place of deep understanding and empowered empathy to helping others just like you, be FABULOUS too! I loved my journey and continue to love it. It is because of my FAB life that I can say, I can TRULY help others overcome whatever lemons life throws at them, because I believe there is nothing better than life experiences.

Today, I live in Dubai after spending the past 12 months in Panama with my loving husband, in our beautiful home over looking the ocean. I am walking my talk, I am living the life I am meant to live. I am a happy, healthy, successful, grateful, strong, loving, smiling woman who is passionate about sharing the keys to unleashing the fabulous person from within. I share these things not to show off but to tell you that you CAN have the life you are dreaming of. Now I teach women and men around the world to stop just living and be FAB.


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