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Adele is an internationally accredited and certified, Intuitive Happiness and Health Coach, Speaker, Angel Card reader, Reiki attuned Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutritionist born in the Caribbean. Adele has spent the last 15 years in Australia where she studied and worked with some of the world's best schools and mentor's from Australian Institute of Fitness, Institute of Integrated Nutrition, Tony Robbins Coaching to Doreen Virtue.

Adele has been successfully coaching clients all over the world with her fast track system to creating the life YOU were meant to live from the moment you connect with her. 

Adele believes that we have the power to heal ourselves on every level, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, if we get out of our heads and into our bodies, listen to our inner wisdom and guidance (our intuition) and take the necessary actions on a daily and regular basis.We are energy, our thoughts are energy, our body is made up of energy and Adele believes that by focusing good healing energy on any area of our life and body is what can assist us to a higher plane, a life of greater abundance and excellent mental and physical health.

Adele now living in Dubai, after spending the past 12months in Panama shares these strategies and tools with her worldwide audience through motivational speaking, one on one coaching and her infamous intuitive card and board readings.

When Adele works with you on a personal level with her intuitive card readings and profound coaching skills, there is release of the old patterns that no longer serve you. She teaches you how to connect with your inner wisdom and power, so that your results are sustainable for life. Working with Adele will leave you feeling present and clear, allowing you to become more aware and able to fully embrace all of life's greatness. Adele has the ability to access your internal energy system as she teaches you how to activate the chakras bringing peace, balance and abundance to every area of your life, even in the mix of turmoil. Expect to receive answers, guidance and clarity. And get set to tap into the infinite possibilities that the world has on offer when you work with Adele and learn to unleash your personal power from within. 

“Don’t just live …. Be F.A.B” feel, act and become the person you are meant to be, living the life you want to live. 

Realising you are but the path....... life begins to be F.A.B

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