Having Adele speak at your next health retreat, workshop, seminar or public speaking event will not only add great value but she will also deliver guidance, clarity and abundance for the greater good of all. 

  1. Your guests are sure to be told the truth as they connect with their higher consciousness - their inner wisdom.
  2. Everyone will find out key issues and walk away with clarity and guidance assisting them in ushering in new vibrant energy.
  3. There is always a sense of release and peace and that's exactly what everyone is looking for at a retreat/seminar/workshop.
  4. It will open their senses and increase their intuition. 
  5. As Adele is also a health coach, your guests receive a 2 for 1 value of her best breakthrough strategies.
  6. Your guests become present and clear, making them more aware and able to fully embrace life. 
  7. They get their power back, find lost confidence and feel motivated, inspired and empowered.
  8. They will walk away with answered questions. 
  9. They make peace with their path 
  10. Adele is very empathic and always available to talk to confidentially about any concerns your guests may be having in their lives during the retreat/seminar or workshop.

Some of the topics Adele speaks on:

  • Making peace with your path -  teaching one about finding their soul purpose and passion, whilst learning how to activate their inner energy systems to tell you when to push and when to surrender so your goals are always aligned with your soul power and you manifest your deepest desires pronto.
  • Awaken the Power within (Don't just live! be "F.A.B")  Teaching you how to Feel from within, learn when and how to take action and thus releasing the FABULOUS person within. Giving you breakthrough strategies that will see you making and believing in your decisions and becoming your very own fabulous master of your own destiny. 

  • Connecting before Manifesting - Not just how to manifest what we want in life, but the steps we must take before we call in what we truly desire. These important steps sees us not only manifesting in greater abundance but getting it fast and keeping it for as look as we desire it to be in our life. 

  • Blaming the world for your Abundant life - learn how to stop telling that same story and free yourself from pain. Teaching you how to recognize, heal and grow from past upsets, Challenges and break ups. 
  • Balance your Body = Balance your life - learn why and how to connect through our body physically, mentally and emotionally to create permanent and lasting happy change. Happiness is not fleeting and Adele will teach you how you can be happiness no matter what is going "wrong" in your life. 

  • Eat right to FEEL right! Based on eating to heighten your intuition.
  • Juicing vs Blending vs Whole Foods - How and why we need to be consciously aware of the foods we consume daily. Adele will teach you why diets don't work and how you can easily start becoming more healthy today and reap the rewards or the rest of your life. Adele teaches you how simple and sweet life and the foods you need to eat can be. No counting calories, no strenuous workouts and definitely no pills potions and shakes required.

  • Adele also runs a course in teaching how to connect with the Universe/God (whatever or whoever that may be for you - non religious, all regions are welcome) through Angel/Wisdom/Affirmation Cards and crystals.

For further information and to tailor a topic to suit your next event please contact Adele:

Phone: + 507 6225 8360





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