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Adele F Smith - Intuitive Health Coach 

Adele is an internationally accredited and certified Happiness and Health Coach and Speaker. Born in the Caribbean. Adele has spent the last 15 years in Australia where she studied and worked with some of the worlds best schools and mentor's from Australian Institute of Fitness, Institute of Integrated Nutrition, Tony Robbins Coaching and Doreen Virtue. Adele believes that we have the power to heal ourselves on every level, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, if we get out of our heads and into our souls, listen to our inner wisdom and guidance (our intuition) and take the necessary actions on a daily and regular basis.


"Don't just live .....be F.A.B!"

Do you just move through the motions of life? You feel like your just existing? What about that nagging desire to wanting more out of life? The "why" doesn't anything good happen to me question. What about the when will I ever be happy? Maybe your self worth and esteem are low. Do you feel overwhelmed and under nourished, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially? What about those fears that keep holding you back? The internal blockages that just seem to stick around no matter what? And the list can go on!

Do you know that I've been right there and now I'm right here to help you become FAB? Whatever it is, you have heard the calling! It's time to make a change, a successful and lifetime one at that.

It's time to stop just living, it's time to really shine and become F.A.B. 
It is totally possible to be the person you are meant to be, living the life you want to live, when we learn to FEEL, then ACT upon these feelings, we are sure to BECOME that person we dream of.

Feel-Act-Become ! A FABulous you awaits.

As your Coach, I am here to work one on one with you to develop a master plan that that clearly defines your goals and steps, which you need to get there. Together, we will release the old, so that that the new can enter. We will break down everything. Detoxify the mind, body and soul so as to connect with your true desires. What remains is the FABULOUS you! Happy, Healthy, Whole and Fabulous inside and out.

Firstly, we are all special in this world - yes including you! And secondly YES it is possible to manifest all that we truly desire. However there are many ways in achieving this.Over the years I have tried and tested MANY ways to successfully manifest my desires. What I noticed was that I was very much capable of manifesting anything (once I got the hang of it) HOWEVER not everything I manifested brought me the happiness I was looking for! Sometimes I would manifest things only to see them disappear as quickly as they came. This is when I realized what the missing link was.Once I learned how to "FEEL" to find my path - I was successful at not only achieving all my desires but I had that knowing feeling of what was for me. I was no longer wasting time on manifestations that weren't for me.

I then shared my action plan with my clients and there was success in every area of their lives. Is this what you are after? Together we will achieve your goals, find your purpose, teach you how to feel, and know when and where to take action all leading you to becoming a more fabulous you! Working together we will ..

    Delve in and open your mind

    Emotionally, Spiritually and Physically heal your Body

    Feed your Soul and Starve your Ego

With me you will learn how to stop interfering with life. You will learn how to surrender, find inner peace and clarity and manifest all that is for YOU!

Isn't it great to know that the wait is over and that the Universe has heard your call for answers? Trust me, you have not landed on my page by coincidence, you are being guided and the time is now. You ready and strong enough to make these lifetime changes.

My F.A.B coaching, programs and readings are here to make you feel great, while kicking ass and unlocking your full potential.

All that is required from you right now, is to LISTEN to that inner voice, take ACTION and commit to wanting more. You're here now and like all successful people know, there is no better time than the present to take action. Let's do this. I promise, I am with you every step of the way!

Time to take action -- Take me to the programs to unleash that FABULOUS person from within, who's just bursting to shine.  

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